Family Education Consulting

Possibility of developing an educational plan appropriate to the specific profile of the child or youth and the specific situation of the family. Parental Training, monitoring the development of educational methodologies based on self-learning, learning from home and parental monitoring in the educational and training process. Whether in a school context, in Home Education or in Individual Education, contact us. We facilitate possibilities with families or teachers in the various options. Individual sessions. Check here


Parental Coaching, Child or Youth Coaching

Process developed in order to improve or resolve any family, school or relational situation of the child or youth, based on a set of practices and exercises that will allow to enhance the best way to achieve what you want. Excellent methodology to find a way to motivate, organize or resolve any issue or objective you want to find in the medium term. Sessions based on the Kids and Teen Coaching Method for children and young people.
Set of individual sessions. Contact us for more information and book your presentation session here

Facilitating Mindfulness Practices

Scientifically recognized as an effective method in the prevention of stress, with benefits in your physical and emotional well-being, the practice of Mindfulness develops possibilities for self-regulation, emotional management that will make you live more connected with your inner and surrounding reality. Enhance your internal resources, live in attention to the reality of the present moment, promote the conscious management of your emotions.
Individual or group sessions for children, youth and adults. Check here
In a professional context for schools or companies in a family or individual context. Stay tuned to our events schedule. You can follow us on facebook.


Cooperative development practices

In a professional, school or family context, we facilitate cooperation processes and practices, empathic communication. In a world where collaborative development models are designed, based on active participation, respect and cooperation, the training and application of models that enhance creativity, critical thinking and empathic perception of the other and the surrounding system may promote further development in the management of problems and difficulties, in the construction of community projects, in the harmonization of human relations. Contact us to find out more.


Training programs in a family, school and bussiness context.
We develop training actions that can be designed according to what you need or you can use ongoing programs. Stay tuned to our events booking.

MBSR – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program

Training in Free and Conscious Education Program

Training in Family Education Practices Program

Traning in Cooperative Education Program


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