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Sílvia Cópio

«Hello, I’m Sílvia Cópio! I am a mother, an educator and a challenger for as long as I can remember!
Every moment, life presents me with the possibility of developing for a Greater Good! From an early age I was given to realize that what I am given is shared! Here I am, at this moment, contributing to what I believe in!
I want to collaborate so that you find your purpose in your life. Through practices of attention and awareness, experiences of discovering your inner self, and ways to activate your motivation to learn from the world around you and discover your best version.
Be you, father, mother, educator, son or daughter… .this house is designed for us to meet! »


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Personal and collaborative development

We develop individual or group actions so that you can discover and enhance your unique being, your essence and your best. We interact so that you can find your life practice model that allows the well-being, focus, communication and resolution you are looking for. Contact us to find out more!

Education and Consulting

Inspirational solutions inspired by the current situation. Because each being is unique, the educational path will work if based on the profile of your student. Find here models, knowledge, diversity and educational possibilities that allow development, based on motivation, curiosity and creativity and let yourself be surprised. Support for families in Home Education or Individual Education or as a complement to school practice. For parents and teachers. Book your introductory session!

Sustainability and cooperation

With a vision based on the articulation of ecological attitudes, an empathetic attitude towards others and with principles of collective development, we facilitate actions, workshops and training that allow us to move from theory to practice, whether in a family environment, at school or in the workplace . Dare to change!


We are in close relationship with partners with whom we develop some service areas. Because we believe that together, we enhance and complement the possibilities of service areas adapted to our needs.


It is now easier to book with us. Don’t wait any longer! Make your appointment request and wait for a reply! Simply, so you can count on us.