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Descobrimos is born out of a dream that was (and is being) built stone on stone, step by step!
It all starts with the dream of building a space to discover the characteristics and potential of each human being, with particular emphasis on childhood and youth where the enthusiasm for being able to be who you really are is still very much alive!
Who of us remembers projects, thoughts, ideas that we let grow during our life story? How many of these projects made sense to develop? How many will still be developed? How much do I let myself be strengthened to believe that I am capable? Later on the passion for the process of growth and education at any age, at any stage of life! We always have so much to discover!
The shape of DEScobrimos begins with the certainty that the resources, motivation and connections in this house can be found in order to achieve these projects and desires that feed human life! We are together!


Sílvia Cópio

  • Family Education Consultant
  • Development Cooperation Systems Facilitator
  • Mindfulness Educator
  • MBSR Teacher (In Training)
  • Parental Coach
  • Child and Youth Coach
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Association Movement for Freedom in Education (MEL) Chair
  • Global Home Education Exchange member
  • Researcher in the area of Family and Education

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